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Summer 2010

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Ireland 2

Derry: The Walled City To give you the low-down, we’re staying in an off campus residence area called Dungreegan Student Village, which is very nice and well kept. We each have our own rooms and bathrooms with showers that allow us much needed personal time (naptime). However, without computers or television it is also very boring. It’s about a 20-25 minute walk to get to the ...More

New Zealand 3

June 6, 2010 In less than two weeks our journey through New Zealand will come to an end. As time seems to work against us, I can only ask myself, “What have I accomplished in the last four weeks?” and “What do I want to achieve in the next two?” 1.  Maori culture: We have been placed within their culture and have learned so much about them. Unfortunately I feel there is m ...More

Ireland 1

Hello everybody! I just wanted to write a quick journal to let everyone know that we made it safely to Shannon, Ireland. We arrived at 9:30 AM and were all very exhausted from the long layovers in JFK, and overnight flight into Shannon. After arriving, we were greeted by a gentleman with an EMU sign. He had us rolling in style with a charter bus, however, the bus loaded from the left sid ...More

Spain/Morocco 4

Our little host-cousin placed her hand on my elbow as we fought our way through the narrow, crowded street. She pointed ...More

New Zealand 2

Friday morning, May 21st we woke in one giant circle inside the Marae. After three nights of sleeping in a giant r ...More

Spain/Morocco 3

Every time I hear the word desert, I always think about millions of endless sand dunes. We set out on a long van ride, n ...More

Spain/Morocco 2

Worth… Feels like I have none here… Anger, confusion, rage Appears so rapidly In a split second My mood can change Children… they have no hearts Or so it seems What happened to the love? The urge to learn? To play? To be friends? NO!!! Instead insults flare With outstretched hands…All for one Durham& ...More

New Zealand 1

On Sunday (May 9) we went to the Te Puea Marae, a common meeting area for the native Maori people in urban Auckland. We were ...More

Spain/Morocco 1

We all signed up with different expectations, thoughts and intentions. Our journey was set off right with the blessing a ...More