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Middle East 2012

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Hiking the Jesus Trail

Where has the time gone?  We have only two more days left in the Middle East!  Next is Athens, which I am excited about.  However, I will be very sad to leave Israel.  Middle Eastern culture is what I’ve known for almost three months now.  I’ll miss the calls to prayer from the mosques, the small streets of old cities and I’ll miss attempting to use my small Arabic and He ...More

The God We Can’t Predict

March 3, 2012 Discovering the unexpectedness of God seems to be a theme these days. We talked in class this morning about God’s “sealing of the covenant” with Abraham. Back in the day, there were little kings and big kings. The little kings would make pacts with the big kings to be loyal to them. To seal their agreement, the little king would split animals in half and line them up ...More





Love and Fear in the shadow of the Wall

I have often observed cultures from the perspective of a foreigner, either as one o ...More

Mount Sinai and St. Catharine’s Monastery

Mount Sinai and St. Catharine’s Monastery ...More

First insights from Egypt

I think I c ...More