Adding Headers

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Headers are added using the four header buttons in the Textile menu bar:

These buttons generate the following Textile code, which correspond to headers of decreasing size:

Header Conventions

The Textile menu bar gives you all four headers options, but there are style rules governing their use. These rules aren’t enforced by the system, so it’s up to you to follow these conventions:

  • h1. Headers – Please don’t use these in your pages.
  • h2. Headers – Use these at the top of each page, as the page header. For instance, “Adding Headers” at the top of this page was done with an h2. One per page. Please Use Title Case for Heading Twos.
  • h3. Headers – Use these for sub-headers within a page. These can appear more than once per page and should use sentence case.
  • h4. Headers – Same rules apply as h3. Sentence case.

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