Web Image Standards

Photo Editing Tools

We require that all web editors working with images utilize Adobe Photoshop, available for purchase from the . The existing price (in November 2014) for a device license of two Adobe Creative Suite products – is $179.79 per year. We recommend web editors purchase both Acrobat Pro and Photoshop (full version).

Editors who do not wish to purchase the full version of Photoshop is welcome to utilize the program on the marketing office’s intern workstation during scheduled times. Be in touch with Jessica Hostetler, marketing office coordinator.

EMU provides a Photoshop “cheat sheet” for the most common tasks that web editors perform.

Photo Update Requests for Website

If you do not have Adobe Photoshop but would like a photo update on your web pages, please submit a web request form and complete the “photo update” option.

Standard Image Dimensions

The following information is for all web staff who work with images on the EMU website.

Emu.edu and my.emu spotlight example 310×175
Featurebox thumbnail example 70×70px
Featurebox (with link) example 200×115px
Featurebox (no link) example 220×115px rounded corners
Featurebox350 (with link) example 300px width, height is negotiable
Featurebox350 (no link) example 320px width (rounded corners), height is negotiable
Quadfeature main image example 238×200px
Inline thumbnails example 100×100px rounded
Inline images (no captions, style) example Up to 350×350px rounded corners
Personnel portraits example 150×200px
News blog feature example 610×370px
General web headers example 980×240px
emu.edu home page feature example 980×520px
Grad school landing page hero image example 765×440px
Grad program hero image example 765×295px
Grad program header image example 1070×307px

Desktop wallpaper downloads


Desktop wallpaper

  • 2560 × 1440
  • 1680 × 1050
  • 1280 × 1024
  • 1024 × 768

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