MA in Biomedicine: Healthcare Management Concentration

Healthcare administration from a biomedicine perspective

Biomedical related businesses benefit from administrative persons who both understand the science of biomedicine as well as the business of administration. Graduates from our MA in Biomedicine Healthcare Management Concentration find entry-level administrative positions within health care institutions such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, biotech industries, etc. The administrative portion of this track draws upon EMU’s well-known MBA program for the business administration courses while the specific health-care related portion of this track draws upon EMU’s outstanding MSN in Leadership and Management program.

Course Schedule (48 hours for MA)

Biomedical Core Courses

(24 semester hours)

Natural Sciences (6 SH or 2 courses)

Select one from each of the following two areas:

BMC 551 Developmental Biology (4 SH)
BMC 612 Human Anatomy (4 SH)
BMC 562 Human Physiology (4 SH)

BMS 561 Immunology (3 SH)
BMS 570 Medical Microbiology (3 SH)
BMC 552 Cell Biology (3 SH)
BMS 563 Molecular Genetics (3 SH)
BMC 561 Biochemistry (4 SH)

Cross Discipline (8 SH)

BMC 613 Research Design & Statistics (2 SH)
BMX 611 Biomedicine Faith & Ethics (3 SH)
BMX 613 Behavioral & Social Science Principles (3 SH)

Transdiscipline (10 SH)

BMC 610 Interdisciplinary Seminar I (2 SH)
BMC 611 Interdisciplinary Seminar II (2 SH)
BMC 598 Biomedical Practicum (1 SH) and Healthcare Internship 5 weeks (2 SH) OR Healthcare Internship 8 weeks (3 SH)
BMX 603 BIomedical Cross Culture (3 SH)

Healthcare Management Courses (24 SH)

Required Foundational Courses (18 SH)

MBA 510 Leadership and Management for the Common Good (3 SH) OR
MOL 510 Introduction to Leadership (3 SH)
MBA 530 Organizational Behavior (3 SH)
MBA 540 Managerial Finance and Accounting I (3 SH)
NURS 516 Application of Legal & Ethical Principles to Health Care (3 SH)
NURS 626 Managing in a Complex Health Care Environment (3 SH)
NURS 515 The Health Care Delivery System (3 SH)

Healthcare Electives (6 SH)select from the following:

MBA 520 Comparative Perspectives on Business and Society (3 SH)
MBA 610 Strategic Marketing Management (3 SH)
MBA 550 Technology, Information, and Data Analysis (3 SH)
MBA 648 Project Management and Grant Writing (3SH)
MBA 555 Legal Aspects of Human Resources (3 SH)
MBA 670 Project Management and Intrapreneurshop (3 SH)

Additional graduate level courses in education, business, nursing, counseling, Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, or seminary may be selected as electives.

Prerequisite Courses

Undergraduate science course program requirements (or equivalents)

For full admission to graduate status, students must have completed (23 SH):

Two general biology courses with laboratories (8 SH)
Two general chemistry courses with laboratories (8 SH)
One organic chemistry course with laboratory (4 SH) OR
One general physics course with laboratory (4 SH)
One mathematics course (calculus) (3 SH)


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