Course Listings & Descriptions

Courses in the biomedicine graduate program fall into various categories, which are described by their lettered prefixes and numbering system. Some of the science courses are dual-listed, that is they are found both in the undergraduate and in the graduate curriculum. While their descriptions and much of their content is similar, the graduate version of the course involves more in depth work and a greater amount of content in comparison to the undergraduate course.

The graduate numbering system for these dual-listed courses are the 500s and their undergraduate designation (department and undergraduate number) are also listed. Generally the number series, 500s and 600s reflect progressive increases in course complexity or difficulty. Courses designated with an asterisk (*) are alternate year courses; scheduled offering semester indicated in [brackets].

Course letter designations


Core science courses in biomedicine that is typically required with some exceptions. If the BMC number is in the 500s, it is dual-listed as an undergraduate course typically in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, or physics and has additional graduate requirements from the undergraduate course. Courses numbering 600’s are graduate courses only.


Cross-discipline studies course in social science, cross-cultural practicum, or ethics/theology. The cross-cultural practicum and social science course requirement are unique for this program. Specific ethics/theology courses are typically cross-listed as seminary courses with CTT or CTE designations and are offered at various times.


Science or mathematics course that is an elective. Some are dual-listed as undergraduate courses with additional graduate requirements, others are graduate level only. To enhance transdisciplinary education, the elective selection array is very broad and represents multiple academic disciplines including biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and psychology.


Course in healthcare management concentration which is typically cross-listed as MBA courses in the MBA program or graduate nursing program.


Course in biomedical teaching concentration which is typically cross-listed as an EDCC, EDCI, or EDCT


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