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Guatemala & Mexico – Spring 2007

Journal 2 – February 1, 2007

Guatemala – this place has become home in a surprising amount of time. Even though we spend most of our time in Guatemala City, the real soul of this place is in the countryside, or campo. Both of my host parents grew up in the countryside and mourn the fact that they ever had to leave it. Even though over 60% of Guatemala’s population lives in cities, many of them went there because they had no other choice, and their children stay here because it is the only life they know. There is something spiritual about the Guatemala countryside; your heart beats a little faster, your muscles twitch with excitement and your mind becomes clearer. Maybe it’s the remnants of the farmer in me, but every time I see someone tilling the land, I want to go ask them how the crops are growing, let the rich Guatemalan soil sift through my fingers and listen to the campecino’s stories about his childhood in this magical campo. I realize that farming is not always glamorous but I am convinced that here in Guatemala live people who are rooted in the land in ways I may never understand. I’m so glad for this opportunity to sink my roots, however slowly, into the rich soils of Guatemala.

– Adam Defibaugh