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Journal 11

La Guarderia

toilets lined against the wall
headless stuffed animals spilling their innards
runny noses never stop running
defiant 'no quiero' responses

nineteen niños, angeles
satiated by atol and cold speghetti
why am i their teacher? how did i get here?
when is this day going to be over?

let me swing for awhile
no, don't take out my earrings
who's pulling my pockets?
five of you go ahead play with my hair
wait, who said they have lice

lesley laughts at me when i speak
fatima provokes until i want to hurt her
jose is banished to the courtyard when he hits
brayan will be brilliant somedays

the guarderia in rural Chilmaltenango
what future leders will be produced here?
when the fears of balloons and fathers subside..
when fearless energy dissipates
and the top of the sliding board is no longer coveted
when the children soar and the sound of 'buenos dias senorita'
lost as their brains comprehend more when these days
will be gone.

- Elisabeth Clemmer

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