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France and Benin 2005

Journal 4

So far, I think I like France and the French. Southern France would be a great place to live if I could find a church and learn to speak French better. Many people love France because it is so beautiful. There is so much more history in France than in America, and that shows in everything. Every town I have been to has been great, they look so cool, having old buildings that have been refurbished. Also, France is full of beautiful people.

I think that some people don’t like the French/France because they expect certain things before they get to France, and then compare French people to Americans, and they just aren’t the same. France is a totally different country with a totally different history, they should not be like America. However, if someone goes to someplace like Asia, they know ahead of time that things are going to be different. So when they see these differences, they respect them and enjoy them. Also, French people are usually very supportive of France and will defend it and become defensive pretty quick if you are coming across as a know-it-all American who thinks the US is the best. I think both countries are cocky, which leads to butting of heads. There are good and bad things about both countries, but respecting the differences usually is the best approach.

~ Brad Graber