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France and Benin 2005

Program Description

Group Photo Group PhotoThe Euro-Africa semester will take place primarily in two French-speaking countries: France (first half of the course) and Benin (second half of the course). Field trips may also permit visits to neighboring countries.

The course will exmine the socio-political and religious life in each location and the fascinating colonial and current relationships that link the two vastly different cultural contexts.

Students enrolled in this course will 1) acquire and/or improve French language proficiency; 2) develop personal relationships with the people of France and Benin through homestays in both countries; 3) explore the historic cultural and political similarities and differences that exist between the two countries; and 4) experience church life in varied settings, from cathedrals to tin-roofed meeting houses.

Semester Leaders: James and Jeanette Krabill and Matthew Krabill

Course Credits: 15 Semester Hours

Course Descriptions:

CCUS 202 Cross-cultural Understanding 3 SH

Experientially-based learning with homestays and extensive people interaction will help students develop skills of cultural adaptation and empathy, as well as the ability to evaluate and critique the religious, ethnic and socio-economic assumptions of one's host and native cultures.

French Language

Six semester hours at one of the following levels (placement will be based on previous knowledge):

  • CCFR 101,111 Elementary French I & II - 6 SH
  • CCFR 201,211 Intermediate French I & II - 6 SH
  • CCFR 301,311 Advanced Composition & Conversation I & II - 6 SH

CCHIS 301 The "French Connection" 3 SH

A study of contemporary French colonial history, highlighting its political, economic and cultural interface with West Africa and the ways this relationship continues to shape life in Benin during the post-independence period.

CCC??? 311 The Rise of the Southern Church

An exploration into the rapidly growing, amazingly diverse churches and new religious movements mushrooming in the southern hemisphere, with special attention to the forms they are taking in the country of Benin. Equally fascinating to explore will be the impact these churches are having in Europe, the historic "motherland" of Christianity.