STAR Practitioner &
STAR Certified Trainer

The STAR program at Eastern Mennonite University has two certification options:
STAR Practitioner and STAR Certified Trainer. STAR also provides technical support for organizations dependent on needs.

STAR Practitioners choose to integrate STAR into their work and are equipped to present one to two-day workshops based on STAR. They have access to resources from STAR/ EMU and are part of a worldwide network of dynamic STAR practitioners. Some of the most creative applications of STAR have been done by those who have completed Level II. For example,

  • Resilience, an ESL curriculum based on Village STAR (currently in piloting stage), by Mike Medley, PhD
  • Family STAR, a contextualized adaption of Village STAR designed for women experiencing domestic violence, by an international participant (anonymous)
  • STAR model for native/aboriginal cultures; adapted graphics by Jennifer Saner-Harvey and Kerry Saner-Harvey, Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada
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Criteria for admission:

  • Completion of STAR Level I and are enrolled in or have completed Level II
  • Recommendations of Level I and II trainers
  • Training or teaching experience (preferred)
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STAR Certified Trainers conduct official STAR Level I trainings and presentations. They have access to resources from STAR/ EMU and are part of a worldwide network of STAR Certified Trainers. There are multiple pathways to becoming a Certified Trainer. Read more

Organizations: STAR works with organizations to identify the best way to meet their needs. STAR can assist organizations in becomeing trauma-informed, so that a trauma-sensitive framework can be integrated into any project. Other services include developing trauma-sensitive programming, training staff as trainers, training affected civil society leaders directly, or designing a customized program to fit specific needs. Click here for more information on STAR services for organizations.