EMU Centennial 1917-2017

EMU will celebrate its centennial with special events throughout the academic year 2017-18. Homecoming and Family Weekend October 13 to 15, 2017 will focus on the milestone through a special theater production, music, reunions, speakers and other festivities.

Planning task force

A task force has been meeting since fall of 2008 to begin thinking about how to mark the centennial year. Members of the task force include:

Kraybill to author history

Donald Kraybill, the nation’s best-known writer on Amish and Mennonite culture, will be the principal author of a fresh history of EMU. Its publication will coincide with EMU’s centennial celebrations in the fall of 2017. Read more…

Leading up to the centennial history, EMU produced a special edition of Crossroads in EMU’s 90th year that featured photos and stories from days gone by.

Campus community invited to share stories, ideas and photos

Share photos of our historical campus The task force is seeking input now as it begins planning for centennial celebrations. Faculty, staff, alumni and friends are invited to submit stories to share and ideas for the task force to consider as they plan the celebration.

Upload photos from days gone by that you’d like to make available to centennial planners. All stories, ideas and photographs will be reviewed and organized in the coming months and years. Updates and further information will be posted on this page. Look through photos of milestone moments from our first 100 years.

You may also submit comments, stories and ideas by simply emailing

The Mennonite Archives of Virginia is a digital repository about Mennonites in and around Virginia, USA. Those interested in EMU’s centennial will find the growing collection of images there of interest, and may want to contribute personal photos.

Get your inspiration from the first editions of The WeatherVane student newspaper, now digitized and online!

Eastern Mennonite School

Eastern Mennonite School K-12 shared its first 50 years of history with EMU. The two organizations are in close contact as EMU centennial planning begins. Eastern Mennonite School will have its own centennial celebrations as well in 2017-18. A joint homecoming weekend will be planned for mid October, 2017.