Haverim Writing Award

Haverim is the Hebrew word for friends. This organization is made up of Eastern Mennonite University alumni who are Bible and Religion grads. As part of its mission in support of the EMU Bible & Religion Department, Haverim seeks to promote fine scholarly writing by students. The Haverim Bible and Religion Writing Award, available annually, is awarded to students whose submitted essays best exemplify the goals set forth. A modest monetary payment to the award winners is provided as an incentive. Read the guidelines for submissions. Papers should be submitted to the Bible & Religion Department by the first Friday of spring semester..

2017 winners…

  • First Place: “Unworthy of Christ’s body: An Analysis of Communion in Corinth” – Justine Nolt, Writing Studies
  • Second Place: “A Journey to Complexity: Seeking to Understand Lancaster Mennonite Conference Affiliation with Mennonite Church USA” – Christina Hershey, Congregational & Youth Ministry
  • Third Place: “Exegesis on First Corinthians 5” – Janaya Sachs, Chemistry

View 2016 winners

  • 1st Place (tie): Christina Hershey, 2018 Congregational and Youth Ministry, “The Word of God: Revelation in Christianity and Islam”
  • 1st Place (tie): Rebekah York, Dec 2015 Peacebuilding and Development, “A Christian Response in a Hypermodern World: A Theological Assessment Shifting the Question from ‘Where is God?’ to ‘Where are God’s people?’”
  • 3rd Place: Christian Parks, 2016 Theater major and Bible & Religion minor, “A Way Of Integration”

View 2015 winners

  • 1st Place: Jordan Luther, 2015 Biblical Studies, “The Hiphopcrypha:The Theological Sensibilities of Rap Music”
  • 2nd Place (tie): Andrea King, 2015 Elementary Education, “Women: Free to Speak or Silenced? 1 Corinthians 14:33-36”
  • 2nd Place (tie): Jacob Landis, 2015 Congregational & Youth Ministries and Biblical Studies, “A Working Ministry when clergy and laity work together”

View 2014 winners

  • 1st Place: Evan Knappenberger, 2015 Philosophy & Theology, “Living Prophetically”
  • 2nd Place: Emily Hodges, 2014 Religious & Intercultural Studies, “Approaching Youth ministry”
  • 3rd Place: Thomas Millary, 2015 Philosophy & Theology, “Politics of Perhaps”

View 2013 winners

  • 1st Place: Aaron Erb, 2014 Philosophy and Theology major, “Examining the Biblical Portrayal of Hell in Relation to Peace & Justice”
  • 2nd Place: Blair Wilner, 2013 Philosophy and Theology major, “Nonviolence without Metaphysics”
  • 3rd Place: Matt Naugle, 2014 Congregational and Youth Ministry major, “Romans 1: Condemnation of What Exactly?

View 2012 winners

  • 1st Place: Nathan Hershberger, 2012 Philosophy & Theology major, “J. Denny Weaver, the Creeds, and Scripture: Thoughts on the Orientation of Anabaptism and Approaches to Theology”
  • 2nd Place: Doran Stucky, 2012 Philosophy & Theology major, “Queer Theology of Christianity”
  • 3rd Place: Benjamin Bailey, 2012 Biblical Studies major,
    “Vulnerability, Contingency, and Christian Discipleship: Theological Vision from the Seat of a Bicycle”

View 2011 winners

  • 1st Place: Nathan Hershberger, 2012 Philosophy & Theology major, “Romans 13:1-7: A Call to Revolutionary Subordination”
  • 2nd Place: Adella Barrett, 2012 Culture, Religion and Mission major, “Dwelling on Theotokos”
  • 3rd Place: Jossimar Diaz-Castro, 2013, Philosophy & Theology major, “Romans 1:16-23 and 3:21-26: Contextual Understandings of the Wrath & Righteousness of God for the Protestant Hispanic Church”

View 2010 winners

  • 1st Place: Taylor Stutzman, 2010 Culture, Religion and Mission major, “Illumination in the Shadow of Doubt: An Essay on Agnostic Faith”
  • 2nd Place: Travis Riesen, “Premillenial Dispensationalism: Scatology for the Ages”
  • 3rd Place: Grace Schrock-Hurst, 2010 Congregational and Youth Ministries major,
    “Incarnational Missions: Following the Way of Christ as Suffering Servant”

View 2009 winners

  • 1st Place: John Tyson, 2009 Biblical Studies major, Memory-Politics: “On ‘Edges’, Speed, and Witness in the Holy Land”
  • 2nd Place: Taylor Stutzman, 2010 Culture, Religion and Mission major, “What really gets left behind in Paul’s eschatology?”
  • 3rd Place: Karissa Sauder, 2009 Bible and Religion minor, “‘Be Silent:’ An Examination of the Admonition of Women in I Corinthians 14”

View 2008 winners

  • 1st Place: John Tyson, 2009 Biblical Studies major, “A Lamb in the Lion’s Den: Theopolitical Pacifism and Atonement Theology”
  • 2nd Place: Nicholas Stoddard, December 2007 Biblical Studies graduate, “God, Creation, and Humans”
  • 3rd Place: Laura Cattell, 2009 JPCS major, “A Biblical Narrative Perspective on Environmental Theology”

View 2007 winners

  • 1st Place: Nicholas Stoddard, December 2007 Biblical Studies major, “Philemon: Equality or Status Quo? An Exegetical Study”
  • 2nd Place: Patrick Monk, 2008 Culture, Religion and Missions major, “Reaching Across Rubbled Walls: Emerging from the Galatian Baptism with a New Identity”
  • 3rd Place: So Kim, 2007 Philosphy & Theology major, "Miracles and Science: The Quantum Theory “Solution”

View 2006 winner

  • Caleb Yoder, “The Implications of the Resurrection for the World”

View 2005 winner

  • Peter Sensenig, 2005 Culture, Religion and Missions major, “Subjection and Resistance: Paul’s Account of Church and State in Romans 13:1-7”