College Class of 2009 (8)

Name Location Year
S. Nafziger VA C2009
M. Walala VA C2009
S. Belew MD C2009
T. Dickson VA C2009
A. Gascho VA C2009
A. Miller MA C2009
R. Roy VA C2009
D. Sauder VA C2009

Graduate Class of 2009 (22)

Name Location Year
D. Dutcher OH C1983, G2009
D. Weaver VA C1991, G2009
J. Lapp VA C1988, G2009
K. Kauffman VA C2001, G2009
G. Helmuth VA C1996, G2009
S. Heatwole OH C2005, G2009, S2009
G. Horst Johnson VA C2004, G2009
N. Koser C2007, G2009
C. Nussbaum VA C2003, G2009
L. Buchanan VA C2005, G2009
K. Koser C2007, G2009
S. Yoder VA C2003, G2009
S. Trobaugh VA C1998, G2009
S. Musser VA C2005, G2009
S. Keeney VA C2002, G2009
S. Harbold PA C2005, G2009
A. Shelton VA C2004, G2009
Ben Beachy C2000, G2009 Email Ben Beachy.
S. Becker VA C2005, G2009
A. D'Silva C2005, G2009
G. Jones VA C1966, G2009
D. Kreider VA C1976, G2009, S1978

Seminary Class of 2009 (6)

Name Location Year
S. Heatwole OH C2005, G2009, S2009
D. Umbel VA C2004, S2009
S. Gerber VA C2004, S2009
E. Wetzel OH C2004, S2009
M. Hill C1992, S2009
S. Brubaker VA C1966, S2009
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