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Tonya King Martin

Tonya King Martin

EMU grad year: 1991

major: Biology and exercise science

current job/title: Physician's Assistant in the Student Health Department at Waynesburg (Pa.) College

Being at EMU was such a great experience! My biology and anatomy classes definitely prepared me for my graduate studies … My cross cultural experience was life changing.quote

Two years after graduation, I began a two-year course at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C., for physician assistant
studies.  I graduated in 1995, and worked as a PA in general and vascular surgery for three years, then in family practice since then. 

I completed my master's degree in physician assistant studies by correspondence through the University of Nebraska in 2000.  Currently I work just a couple of hours a week during the school year as a PA in the Student Health Department at our local college in Waynesburg, Pa. (Waynesburg College). This mostly involves diagnosing and treating upper respiratory infections and the occasional injury.  The remainder of my time is very full caring for two young daughters.

Being at EMU was such a great experience!  Not only did I make lasting friendships with people that continue to be my support system even though I've moved six times since college, but I met my husband as well. My cross cultural experience was very life changing...I went to the Philippines with YWAM the summer of 1989.  It wasn't a school sponsored trip, but I never would have gone if the experience wasn't required.  On that trip I met the first physician assistant I had ever known, and decided to work in that direction.  I also must admit that I got more hands-on dissecting experience in my comparative anatomy lab at EMU than I did in PA school.  Even though I had a couple of years in before grad school, my biology and anatomy classes at EMU definitely prepared me for my graduate studies.  I was so thankful that my professors had such a solid grasp of the important aspects of these topics.

I even occasionally looked back over college notes for my graduate studies. I enjoyed so much adding classes in English and literature to my science/biology core and remember English professor Jay B. Landis fondly!