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Lindsay Martin

Lindsay Martin

EMU grad year: 2005

major: Justice Peace and Conflict Studies

current job/title: law student at University of Pennsylvania, with scholarship

I'm so grateful for what I learned at EMU, especially about group dynamics and facilitation. I cannot believe how much I have used in real group situations what I learned in class.quote

After graduation, Lindsay juggled scholarship offers to study law at Georgetown, Duke, Berkeley, NYU and University of Pennsylvania. She is now a law student at the University of Pennsylvania.

Before she began her study of law, Lindsay volunteered for two years at Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service (, a non-profit organization in southern California devoted to "spirituality and practice of active nonviolence as a way of living."

While there, she helped organize trainings and promote the organization's nonviolence curriculum entitled "Engage: Exploring Nonviolent Living." (Designed for groups "to learn, practice and experiment with nonviolence," Engage is used at EMU in the strategic nonviolence classes.)

Lindsay became a Pace e Bene certified trainer while volunteering and hopes to facilitate sessions based on the Engage curriculum over the next several years. In 2006 she began leading nonviolence workshops at nationwide conferences.

"Many young people are developing a strong desire to reframe our culture and world," she says, "to make it a place where nonviolence is an option."