Lights, sirens, and city sounds,

Black, yellow, and brown all around.

Everyone rushing with no attention paid

The many heads that have no place to be laid.

What is justice without oppression?

Sadness and pain with hungry aggression.

Lives destroyed all for a dollar sign.

Build it all new, an expensive design.

Mike it pretty so everything’s alright.

Don’t discriminate, but that house is white.

Built on colored backs by their hand.

Without reward only more demand.

The city created beggars and riches.

Starvin’ people in line for soup kitchens.

Sleeping in doorways and eyes without hope

Doing what they can to survive and cope.

Like ants in a line, every day is the same

A wonderful city making its people lame.

One nation under God is what we say

But how is that when we see the devil’s work every day?

-Sarah Baker, 5-19-2013