Spain/Morocco 1

Spain/Morocco 1We all signed up with different expectations, thoughts and intentions. Our journey was set off right with the blessing and “see-you-laters” distributed between family and friends. The plane ride was 6 hours but preoccupied us by unexpected and fascinating technology. Spain, our first taste test was a challenge for some and a delight for others. With that said, we are figuring out things we never knew we liked, a blessing in disguise. Back and forth in the metro we go! To the big city of soul.

Soon after our first-come-first serve flight to Tangier, our group of mainly independent women and one guy versus pushy European men put up a fight through…(this is to be taken with humor, of course).

Morocco begins with narrow windy roads (led by a professional driver) that leads us to Chefchaouen. They call it the Blue City, Chefchaouen, our blue town but no image in our minds could depict the mastery and gracefulness of this place. After what felt like miles traveling, we entered out palace-like house, Dar Meziana. Everything is hand-crafted, from the bathroom to the tiles, to the coffee cups…all running around to claim the best rooms, to find out that the host has already assigned them. To no surprise, every room is drenched in beauty, each unique in design.

For lunch and dinner we order from a confusing menu and pass all things around. This is a very giving group. We eat and to the market we go. The pressure is on in the Medina. Men try to bargain and sell us everything. We are becoming good at it. From 120 dirham to 100 to 80… Ach, Hamdulilah!!!

The journey through the medina is a moment to remember when you are walking with Queen Latifa, Obama’s sister, and Shakira.

The mountain hike makes me think of words like exhaustion and unbelievable beauty. The people live on the hills of the mountains and live sustainable lives. Donkeys, sheep, and goats fill the place, as well as cats. Cats are everywhere! At last, standing at the top of the mountain, we look down at the town of Chefchaouen …the buildings and houses, small enough to fit in our hands but the people in them big enough to fill our hearts. That much beauty will never be forgotten.

Out differences are slowly diminishing and transforming into similarities. The bargaining, no matter how stressful is teaching us life lessons. The town so open to our arrival and as time starts to fly by we seem sad and unsteady about out departure. After learning so much and mastering our way through the back allies, we must leave. One day left, one day to cram this beautiful place into out pockets and carry ons.

We are your eyes to this place, …all I can say is too little paper to tell it all and to enjoy all the beauty around us.

-Melissa Lewis