Instructions for UDC Application :

1. Search UDC Course Schedule for classes.

CCDC = Community College of the District of Columbia
UDC = University of the District of Columbia (sometimes called the “Flagship University”)
All undergraduate courses (CCDC and UDC) are available to you, but be sure to complete the corresponding application.

2. EMU students must fill out the

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, schedule a meeting with your advisor to get it signed, and submit it to the EMU registrar’s office to ensure that this class will meet your intended requirements.

3. Print the application: CCDC (Community College) or UDC (Flagship University, instructions below)


  • Check the box that says “Non-Degree (Special)”
  • Section A:

For both mailing address and permanent address, list WCSC’s address: 836 Taylor St NE, Washington, DC 20017
“Phone”= WCSC’s office number: 202-529-5378
DC Resident: Check “No”
Intended Major: Write “Undeclared”
Enrollment Objective: Check “Not Seeking a Degree”

  • Section B: SKIP
  • Section C: Only list EMU, even if you have attended other schools.
  • Sign and date, and mail/fax to WCSC. The WCSC fax number is 202-529-0704. (Keep a copy for your records.)

4. Submit a transcript request to EMU’s registrar’s office.

  • Put a checkmark next to “Hold for Current Term Grades”
  • Request 2 transcripts to be mailed to WCSC’s address to the attention of Emily.
  • Request that a Letter of Good Standing also be forwarded to Emily.

5. Request a copy of your immunization records to be sent to Emily via fax or mail.

6. Call the UDC health center at 202-274-5030 3-4 weeks prior to your arrival to make sure you don’t need any additional vaccinations in order to register for classes.

WCSC will cover the application fee and all tuition costs. WCSC staff will bring your application and transcript to UDC. During your first week in DC, WCSC staff will take you to UDC to fill out health forms, register for classes, and get your photo taken for your ID card.