2011-12 numbers

34.2 tons of Paper
10.2 tons of Bottles & Cans
7.6 tons of scrap metal
19.9 tons of food scraps composted
19.5 tons of yard waste mulched or composted

93 tons incinerated
5 tons landfilled

Recycling Rate
49% of wastestream recycled

2010-2011 numbers

50.8 tons of Paper
9.5 tons of Bottles & Cans
5.4 tons of scrap metal
15.5 tons of food scraps composted
18.4 tons of yard waste mulched or composted

95 tons incinerated
25 tons landfilled

Recycling Rate
44.6% of wastestream recycled


RecycleMania 2015

View EMU’s current rankings against peer colleges.

Recycling Guidelines

Labeled, color-coded recycling bins are placed throughout academic buildings and residence halls and follow a general color scheme:

Blue bins = Bottles and cans
Green bins = Paper
Yellow bins = Cardboard

Please download the campus recycling guidelines (PDF) for more detail.


Recycling Crew Leader Matthew Freed manages the recycling program and the compost project. Student workers and volunteers transport 300-500 pounds of dining hall leftovers to the compost area every other day.

Awards and honors

Sustainability and Recycling Award WinnerEMU continues to be recognized nationally for an innovative and successful recycling program, initiated by Jonathan Lantz-Trissel, who now works as EMU’s Sustainability Coordinator.1 Recycling staff and student workers collect 70 tons of recyclable materials entirely by bicycle, using a custom-built bike pulling a specially-designed 8-foot trailer to 24 recycling points on campus every week. The metal trailer hauls about 300 pounds at a time.

Recyclemania logo In addition to being named “College and University Recycling Program of the Year” by Virginia Recycling Association in 2008, the recycling program consistently ranks in the top tier of the RecycleMania national non-profit recycling competition for colleges and universities, held each spring.

EMU’s nationwide Recyclemania rankings:

  • 2015: 53rd out of 232 colleges
  • 2014: 51st out of 256 colleges
  • 2013: 68th out of 274 colleges
  • 2012: 68th out of 265 colleges
  • 2011: 54th out of 288 colleges
  • 2010: 33rd out of 208 colleges
  • 2009: 28th out of 510 colleges
  • 2008: 18th out of 88 colleges

Other info

  • Need additional recycling bins? E-mail
  • Harrisonburg area recycling