TCK made the transition from Romania to America a lot easier than I ever thought it was going to be.”

– Rebekah York ’15, peacebuilding and development major

Global Nomads:
Third Culture Kids

“Third culture kids” (TCK) are global nomads who grew up in a culture other than their parents, and who sometimes do not feel as if they have a culture of their own. Many TCKs feel at home anywhere, while others struggle to find a sense of home.

Missionary kids are a subset of TCKs. They are children whose parents work in the mission field, for the government, in international business, for the military, etc.

What You’ll Find at EMU

Students at Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia

  • A student club and support network of other TCKs. (Faculty members Jim and Lori Leaman are advisors.)
  • Faculty, staff and community members who have lived and served overseas, uniquely equipped to mentor. Many are third culture kids themselves.
  • A special first-year orientation program just for TCKs and missionary kids, led by the director of international student services.
  • A cross-cultural curriculum where you can study internationally with peers or earn credit for past international experience.
  • Classrooms in which your unique perspective is encouraged and valued.
  • Opportunities to pray and discern God’s calling for your career path. About 40 religious groups are represented on campus. (Mennonite students account for about 40 percent of enrollment.)
  • A diverse student body! More than 20 percent of students are multicultural students and over 10 percent have international backgrounds.

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