Creating Community at EMU

At EMU, you’ll find a campus full of caring people working to create a space of welcome just for you.

Network of caring

Our residence hall directors, who live in the “res halls” with their families, work with community advisers (CAs), student leaders trained to help as counselors, mediators, leaders – and most importantly, friends.

Nearly 40 students serve as ministry or pastoral assistants, leading small group Bible studies and other fellowship activities in residence halls. Selected by campus pastors, pastoral assistants (PAs) and ministry assistants (MAs) plan and lead chapel services, organize sharing time in the residence halls, and much more.

Listen to a September chapel led by pastoral assistants as they reflect on Paul’s prayers in Ephesians 3:14-21.

Christian environment

Do I have to be Mennonite to feel at home? No! EMU’s undergraduate students are a mix of more than 30 different denominations, with Mennonites making up only half.

We share core values and together we worship, celebrate, challenge, encourage and inspire each other to grow in our relationship with God.

Opportunities for dialogue, to reach out and connect with other students, are everywhere.

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