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Mennonite Educators Conference
September 22-24, 2005
Workshop: Practices for Nurturing Children in Faith
Presenter: Dr. Sara Wenger Shenk

What do Anabaptist Mennonites believe about the nature of childhood?

What’s faith got to do with childhood?

How can we risk embarking on a spiritual quest with the children in our care, seeking faithfulness together, creating a faith oriented culture with faith-infused practices?

What is faith and faithfulness?

How do responses to faith change over time?

 Age-Related Aspects of Faithfulness

Birth to Three Years

Three to Eight Years

Nine to Twelve Years

How do we cultivate faithfulness in children?

A full spiritual life for children will combine elements of reflection and action in a never-ending movement of “journeying inward toward God and outward toward neighbors.” Children can grow up seeing the world as a place where their actions make a difference and are integrally related to their spirituality—the call of God and their faith community.


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