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Ten Things We Have Learned ...

About Encouraging Young People toward Ministry (And One Fundamental Theological Assertion)

Calling: A Journal for Leaders Who Nurture Vocation
Volume I – Number 2
Winter 2005

By Melissa Wiginton, Director, Ministry Programs and the Partnership for Excellence

We begin thinking about the work of encouraging young people toward ministry with one fundamental theological assertion:

Young people must first become disciples of Christ and, if they are to be called into ministry, they will hear that call in the context of relationships and in partnership with a holy mystery.

From our relationships with young people, we have identified ten practices which embody our fundamental theological assertion and open the way for bright, gifted, passionate young people to hear a call to ministry as a life’s work:

Congregations do not have to spend a lot of money to engage most of these ten practices. So, get going. See what happens.


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