Study Options

Study options for three BLESS courses include:

  • Semester courses offered online for everyone living anywhere in the world
  • Semester courses offered as a “hybrid course,” a combination of online instruction and on-site seminars for people living in, or who can travel to the biblical lands (Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Greece, Turkey, Italy, as well as the Mediterranean Sea)
  • Intensive seminars offered on location in the biblical lands and on the Mediterranean Sea
  • Individualized study and research offered in the biblical lands designed with personal or online oversight

Courses for everyone

Cross-cultural Discipleship (3 SH over two semesters)

This course is designed to be taken in conjunction with a cross-cultural mission or service assignment anywhere in the world. Students in locations around the world will connect weekly to discuss cross-cultural discipleship themes of the biblical story from the perspective of their own cross-cultural experiences as representatives of the good news of the kingdom.

The Jesus Movement in the First Century (3 SH)

This course can be taken on-line by anyone, anywhere, or as an intensive three-week seminar in the summer. This course is also offered as a hybrid course for people living in the biblical lands, or as a directed study for anyone traveling to the biblical lands. In all versions, Nazareth Village and the Jesus Trail will be used as primary learning resources for the course. Students will learn about the religious, economic, political and social life within first century Palestine and the missional dynamics of the Jesus Movement within this volatile mixture of peoples.

The Christian Movement in the Mediterranean (3 SH)

This course can be taken online by anyone, anywhere, as a hybrid course, or as an intensive three-week seminar in the ports and on the sea routes of Greece and Turkey. This course will explore how the fledgling Christian Movement exploded westward throughout the major port cities of the Roman Empire, and the ways the early Christians both adapted to the pagan culture and changed it. This a fascinating story, filled with implications for Christians seeking to be effective and faithful in mission in the global empire at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Using the latest scholarship and field research applied primarily to the stories of the dynamic spread of Christianity in Acts, with a focus on Paul, this course will seek to understand this first-century phenomenon that changed the course of history, and relate these insights to the experience and insights from Christians living and witnessing in globalization today.

Courses for students in Biblical lands

Two additional courses are limited to students living in, or who can travel to the biblical lands and will be offered as a hybrid course, as an intensive seminar, or as a directed study.

Tools for New Testament Understandings (3 SH)

Utilizing Nazareth as a base in the Galilee with special arrangements with Nazareth Village, the Jesus Trail, and other local learning resources, this course will allow students to do individual extensive study in one or more areas of interest including Hebrew language, as well as the archeology, geography, history, religions and cultures of the New Testament.

Missional Leadership in Globalization (3 SH)

The apostle Paul was “a man between two worlds,” a model of cultural adaptation and creative faithfulness in a world of immense promise and immanent peril for the fledgling Christian Movement in the Roman Empire. He was a leader at once capable of continuous learning and uniquely equipped for helping others navigate life on the unchartered seas of pagan life and culture. Students will learn as Paul did with prolonged on-site learning projects on land and sea including time in ancient/modern places key to the development of Paul’s theology and leadership style.

More study options will be added as the BLESS program grows.

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