Why Fees?

The annual parking fee of $60 to EMU faculty, staff and students will provide several significant new benefits.

Added safety

It is imperative for campus security and physical plant staff to be able to identify cars on campus to help assure safety of all. Security staff need to be able to identify vehicle owners in the event that a vehicle drifts out of its parking spot or needs to be moved. Vehicles that are left unattended for lengthy periods of time raise concern and suspicion. A policy of vehicle registration will allow staff to ascertain if such a car belongs to a campus community member or not.

Support of sustainability initiatives

Sustainability is a core value at EMU. EMU joins other higher education institutions across the US in wanting to measure our carbon footprint, investigate opportunities for renewable energy and continue to develop campus recycling and composting programs. These activities are key to who we are, but they do require some new infrastructure to manage. A portion of the parking fee funds are designated to support EMU’s sustainability efforts.

Enforcement of parking regulations

Collection of a parking fee will allow EMU to more actively pursue parking violators. For example, some students appear to drive from the residence hall parking lot to class. The increased enforcement of parking rules will create incentives for residence hall vehicles to remain in residence hall parking lots. In addition, students who park in faculty/staff designated parking lots will be ticketed to ensure that adequate parking spots remain available for faculty and staff.

Parking lot maintenance

There are significant costs associated with maintaining parking areas, such as paving, patching and resealing parking surfaces, as well as snow removal. Establishing a funding source for parking lot maintenance will allow EMU to more effectively address parking lot repairs.

Thank you for understanding as we adapt as a campus to this new aspect to our community life together.