Go from RN to a Bachelor of Science, Major in Nursing

Requirements and admission

To enroll in the nursing baccalaureate program at EMU, the student must have completed a nursing program in a school accredited by AACN, NLN and/or regional college/university accrediting bodies. All applicants must be licensed as a registered nurse through the NCLEX examination.

Diploma graduates, based on their diploma program of study and subsequent licensure, receive 45 SH of credit in the nursing major. Those 45 SH may be applied to admission to the RN-BS and will be applied toward credits in the traditional program. This is based on the rationale that to become licensed as an RN, one has to earn licensure as a registered nurse through an externally consistent measure of nursing knowledge, the NCLEX examination.

Graduates of all nursing programs, including diploma, associate degree, and bachelor’s degree programs write the same examination to verify competency. Consequently, nursing courses from diploma programs will be routinely accepted as portfolio credit when they are transferred from state approved schools. The nursing major at EMU, however, requires additional learning. Baccalaureate learning goes beyond the basic RN level knowledge tested by NCLEX . Nursing credit hours earned through nursing courses in the ADCP and traditional curriculum reflect the additional knowledge of the baccalaureate level.

When associate degree graduates, who were LPNs, have been granted credit for nursing courses in AD programs based on previous education and experience, these credits will be accepted as nursing portfolio credits by EMU at the discretion of the registrar. Required general education courses include 11 credits in science of the human organism.