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Guatemala, US/Mexico Border 2011

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Holy Week in Antigua, Guatemala

This last week, our FINAL week, we traveled o ...More

Salvador Urbina, Chiapas, Mexico

A break from the city, time to relax in a tranquil ...More

Free Travel Reports from Guatemala

After 8 weeks of Spanish classes and living with ...More

Poetry from Guatemala

I am tired of ...More

Guatemala – report from Lake Aititlan

Coming into the last 2 weeks of our time here with our host families and Spanish classes it seems that some of u ...More

The past and present in Guatemala

Throughout our stay here in Guatemala, we’ve been learning about Guatemala’s violent history. This w ...More

Visit to Tikal and reflections on the Guatemalan civil war

This weekend was a second one in a shoreline Paradise, as our group descended upon the mostly undeveloped rainfo ...More

Guatemala – a day at the beach

I can’t believe it has been seven weeks since our trip began. It has been exciting. Every day there is somethi ...More

Mayan spirituality and culture

This week our theme was Mayan spirituality and culture. We started out by hearing some of the history of the May ...More

Report from Guatemala

This past week has been a nice chance to settle into the routine of our lives here in Guatemala for the next whi ...More