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China 2013

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Photo Gallery-China 2013-1

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Photo Gallery-China 2013-2


Dájiā hăo from Nanchong!

Dájiā hăo (Hello, everyone!) The sky is bright and I may even see a spec of blue shinning through. Here in Nanchong, when asked what color the sky is, the answer is white. When asked what color the sun is, the answer is red.  The cause of both of these is pollution. Thus seeing a tiny spec of blue in the sky is a great surprise. ...More

Beijing and The Great Wall

China has been wonderful so far! We’ve seen and experienced so many things already that it feels like we’ve been here much longer than we have. We visited an art district in Beijing. This is basically a small town inhabited only by artists and their studios. There is something to be said about an intentional community dedicated to artists. I, and several other people, said we would ...More