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Engineering Studies Curriculum

Notes from the faculty

  • Our curriculum for pre-engineering studies is flexible. You and your advisor can tailor the program to meet individual needs if not participating in our dual degree program with Catholic University of America. Check the catalog and try to visit the engineering school to which you would like to transfer.
  • EMU has a good reputation at most large engineering schools. There have been no problems with transfer of credits for students who maintain a B average or better.
  • Spring semester of the second year works well for traditional cross-cultural programs, a requirement of an EMU education, and these credits generally transfer as electives. Dual degree program students will participate in WCSC – which counts as a cross-cultural – during the fall of their third year.

Sample curriculum

With our sample two-year curriculum for pre-engineering studies (PDF), you can get a general feel for what the field of engineering is all about while studying in a liberal arts environment at EMU.