Common errors

Textile is fairly easy to learn and use, but it can be frustrating if you get caught by a few details. Watch out for these common errors:

Lack of blank line after a block element.

Block elements are paragraphs, headings, lists and the like. Block elements always end with a blank line before the next block element. For example, suppose you forget to put a blank line after a heading:

What you input:

h4. My heading
My paragraph that 
gives more detail.

How it looks:

My heading
My paragraph that gives more detail.

How it should look:

My heading

My paragraph that gives more detail.

If you fail to end your heading with a blank line, it will continue on, interpreting the paragraph as part of the heading.

Bad spacing around inline elements

Inline elements are things like bold, italics, links, and so forth. The symbols to trigger those elements must be tight around the word or phrase that are to be affected, just like you use quotes in English. Watch out for this when highlighting text and using the Textile toolbar buttons.

It is *very important* that you pre-register.

is the correct way to bold the words very important. Space between the words and the asterisks:

* very important *
*very important *
* very important*

will not work. This happens a lot when highlighting text to make links. There are some cases where you need to force the signature to be recognized and you can use square brackets to do so.

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