Study and Training for Effective Pastoral Ministry (STEP)

Helping leaders to grow in love for God, in character, in competence, and in effectiveness

What is STEP?

STEP provides training for people who are licensed for pastoral ministry- or have been encouraged to consider pastoral ministry- who may not have college, Bible school, or seminary training.

STEP is a partnership between Lancaster Mennonite Conference and EMU. STEP combines spiritual and personal formation with content-based learning in Bible, theology, leadership, and ministry skills in a very practical way.

The STEP curriculum is specifically designed for adult learners. Much of the in-class time is devoted to reflection on actual ministry experience based on the readings and the teaching content for the day.

Important Information

  • STEP is a three year training program. Students join a cohort for the duration.
  • Classes meet one Saturday a month September-May (8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) at Lancaster Mennonite Conference Offices.
  • Home work will take about four to six hours each week and should be finished prior to each class session.
  • Participants enroll as students at EMU at Lancaster.
  • Each year of STEP will yield 10 undergraduate credits at EMU.
  • Graduates recieve a Certificate in Pastoral Ministry
  • The STEP program provides the core course work for an Associates Degree in Pastoral Ministry

Staff and Administration

The program is staffed by a director and administrative assistant. All instructors are guest instructors except that they also grade the work that is done for the units they teach. Mark Wenger became director on July 1, 2005. The director of STEP reports to the dean of Eastern Mennonite Seminary.