M.Div. Integrative Capstone Projects

Location: EMS Lancaster
1846 Charter Lane, Lancaster, PA

Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2013
3:00pm-5:30pm and 6:30pm-9:00pm

Practicing Hope in Dismal Times
Dorcas Miller Lehman
Time: 3:00pm

British community theologian Ann Morisy believes we live in “dismal times.” She writes of ways that Christians need to not only speak about hope, but also live it. Morisy discusses the risks of reacting rather than reflecting on our way in the world. Her ideas will be brought into conversation with other authors to see what we might learn about hopeful ways of being in our churches and neighborhoods. While all of us need these practices, special attention will be given to the context of next generations, especially the Millennials, including what researchers have found regarding their experience and desires.

Creating the Culture of Peace
Beny Krisbianto
Time: 4:15pm

Reconciliation is still possible in all contexts, including the immigrant communities of inner city Philadelphia. Inspired of tensions, struggles, and challenges that are happening in the live circle of our immigrant’s community, JESUS is still the healer, and peace can be found in Him. Creating the Culture of Peace in my city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia is not “Mission Impossible” but it is one of the most important callings of God for the Anabaptists and it can be done only through Jesus.

Your Neighborhood Mennonite Church: A Look at Lancaster City Mennonite Churches
Paul Brubaker
Time: 6:30pm

In the middle of one of the heartlands of the Mennonite experience, Lancaster County, PA—what does the Mennonite church look like? Who are these Mennonites? This is an in-progress report of a photography project documenting all the Lancaster City Mennonite churches (LMC). In conversation with Diana Butler-Bass, Philip Jenkins, Soong-Chan Rah, and some contemporary Anabaptist writers, this project explores themes of diversity and unity, as it looks at common elements of our worship experience: music, preaching, children, communion, offerings, sharing, prayer, meals together, fellowship, etc.

Lord’s Table: The Reality of Christ in the Neighborhood
Rodney Martin
Time: 7:45pm

How does the Lord’s Table embody our relationship with one another, God and neighborhood? In the practice of communion we’re embraced by God who fills our physical existence to be one with us. This incarnational reality calls for a renewed understanding of the Lord’s Table that embodies the presence of Christ in the neighborhood.

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