Instructional Coach Endorsement


Instructional Coaching is a component of the state’s Standards-Based Instructional System. An Instructional Coach is an endorsement for someone to serve as a professional coach to improve the knowledge, skills and practices of teachers—with the outcome of positively impacting student achievement. An instructional coach typically works individually with teachers to support them as they work to improve their teaching practices through collaboration, reflection, inquiry and constructive feedback. Coaches can be content-specific such as a math, technology or literacy coach.

The following 12 credits will be offered for the endorsement:

EDCC 501 Creating Cultures of Change (3)
Explores practical implications of constructivist theory in classrooms. Emphasizes concepts such as reflective practice, student-centered learning, and processes for change.

EDCI 611 Foundations of Instructional Coaching (3)
Addresses the foundations of an Instructional Coach preparation program with special emphasis on instructional practices and instructional coaching skills and abilities. Explores how continuous professional development can impact teacher effectiveness and improve student learning in the classroom. Focuses on the processes and changes leading to sustainable academic improvement in K-12 schools.

EDCI 621 Data-Driven Decision Making for Effective School Leadership (3)
Focuses on strong application of instructional practices and instructional coaching skills along with data analysis, assessment competencies as it applies to decision-making, and school leadership and improvement. Examines how effective data-driven decision-making influences the development of instructional practice and assessment in the total school program. Explores concepts and foundations of data-driven decision-making, basic applications, and technical support including use of SPSS, spreadsheet software, and professional knowledge base resources.

EDCI 631 Instructional Coach Practicum (3)
Designed as a culminating course for the Instructional Coach endorsement, this practicum involves 15 hours of formal class time and 45 hours of practicum experience in a K-12 setting to enhance leadership experiences and competencies. Includes supervision and mentorship of a teacher with increasing exposure to learning situations and school settings. Includes experiences working with diverse students including those with and without special needs. The candidate must have experience in an inclusive setting with at least one child with an IFSP/IEP profile.

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