National Science Foundation Grant Chemistry professor Tara Kishbaugh and students

Promotion of enhanced learning through authentic, relevant research experiences across the biology and chemistry curriculum

This work is supported by a NSF CCLI Grant 0837578.

Our goals and intended outcomes

Through this project, the biology and chemistry departments seek to promote deeper, more practical learning of higher order cognitive skills (HOCs), the nature of science (NOS), and oral and written scientific communication skills by our STEM majors as well as our nursing and education majors enrolled in Matter & Energy (non-majors Chemistry 101). Learn more about our goals and intended outcomes…

Methods and strategies

We are using integrated multi-week laboratory projects, situated in an authentic scientific research context, usually with an environmental focus: monitoring, remediation, risk assessment, etc., and dispersed across chemistry and biology courses and faculty research projects. The education and psychology departments have worked with the biology and chemistry departments to develop a rubric-based strategy, founded on principles of enhanced learning via formative assessment (Assessment FOR Learning). Learn more about our methods and strategies…

Who we are

Biology and chemistry:
Steve Cessna
Doug Graber Neufeld
Tara Kishbaugh
Matt Siderhurst
Lori Leaman
Toni Flanagan
Jeanne Horst