Eastern Mennonite University

Spring 2008

Provost Invites Feedback on Direction and Mission

Provost Beryl Brubaker '64 with V-P/dean Marie Morris '84
Provost Beryl Brubaker '64 with V-P/dean Marie Morris '84

To be an institution that stands out from the competition and thrives for its next 90 years, EMU must assess every five years or so its current strengths and weaknesses. It must then chart a plan to become better and stronger. EMU is undergoing this “strategic planning” process now.

The current cycle of strategic planning dovetails with the once-per-decade need to demonstrate compliance with reaccreditation standards of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

As part of this 10-year cycle, SACS requires EMU to develop a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to improve student learning. Three possible QEPs are under consideration:

  1. environmental sustainability,
  2. teaching and learning center, and
  3. residential learning communities.

Dr. Beryl Brubaker, the provost and leader of the planning process, would like to receive feedback from the greater EMU community on which QEP would be best for EMU to focus upon. Additional information about each of the three proposed QEPs can be found at www.emu.edu/blog/accreditation, where comments may be posted. “Please give us your feedback,” urges Brubaker.

“Our proposed QEP will be presented to SACS in the spring of 2010,” says Brubaker. “Once we receive approval from SACS, we will begin to implement the plan. We need to choose a QEP topic that will energize us and that we can work on enthusiastically, because it will definitely have an impact on EMU’s future direction.”

In addition to deciding upon a QEP, faculty, staff, students and alumni are reviewing the EMU vision, mission and values statement. Proposed changes - most of them minor - have been posted at the web address above.

Again, the provost invites feedback before revisions in the vision, mission and values statement are submitted to the faculty/staff conference on May 1 for a vote of approval. If approved, the revised statement will be submitted to the board of trustees. The board will consider both the statement and the proposed QEP at their June 2008 meeting.

In the spring of 2010, the SACS team will visit to check EMU’s work, especially to assess our capacity to fulfill our QEP.

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