South Africa – Fall 2007

Digging Gold in South Africa

This cross-cultural program will be an African Adventure. You will engage your whole being - mind, body and spirit. Your mind will be challenged as you explore the history of Southern Africa and compare it to your own culture and God's kingdom. Your body will be challenged as we hike and swim in the mountains, canyons and peninsulas of Africa. Your spirit will be challenged as we visit, study and live with African Independent Church people. We will reflect on our churches and theirs in relationship to God's kingdom.

The "gold" will be the amazing people and varied cultures of Southern Africa. We will meet, live and worship with these beautiful people and learn from them. We will visit and study in major urban areas such as Capetown and Johannesburg. We will also live and study in rural, mounainous Lesotho. Our lodging will be dormitory syle and homestays. You will stay in both elegant and humble surroundings. But I promise it will be an African admventure.

Estimated Cost: on campus tuition, room and board plus $2,200 travel (cost may be adjusted due to changes in currency exchange rates and air fares)

Semester Leaders: Harlan de Brun and Audra Baker

Enrollment: maximum 25 students

Course Credits: 15 semester hours

CCUS 201 Cross-Cultural Understandings 3 SH
In this class students will evaluate their own culture and compare it with the values and norms of South African culture. We will compare both cultures against an Anabaptist Christian worldview. This will be accomplished through readings, home stays, journaling, discussions and oral presentations.

CCCHS 301 Church and Mission 3 SH
In this course students will learn about the African Independent Church movement through reading, experience and discussions. We will attend several different AIC churches on a regular basis. We will compare American church beliefs and values with the AIC movement. Particular attention will be given to the teachings of Jesus and how it affects the ethics of the American and African Independent Churches.

CCSES Sesotho Language 3 SH
Language is culture. Harlan de Brun will teach beginning Sesotho during the 2007 spring semester. In South Africa we will take elementary Sesotho classes at the University of Wittswaterand.

CCSOC 301Community Development in Southern Africa 3 SH
In this course we will use the book written by Vernon Jantzi and Rick Yoder. We will also attend lectures on development issues in South Africa given by a professor at the University of Wittswaterand. Particular attention will be given to AIDS issues and projects in Lesotho. We will learn about and discuss how religion, politics, and economics effect development projects.

CCHIS 301 History and Culture of Southern Africa 3 SH
In this course we will learn about the history and culture of Southern Africa. Particular attention will be given to the Apartheid era and how religious beliefs effected government policy. We will accomplish this through readings, lectures at the University of Wittswaterand, papers and discussion groups.