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Journal 6 -

My Reflections, February 18th.
First day in Jerusalem

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem,
I miss the sour smell
of your oppressed flock.
I only left you yesterday,
And now,
on this side
A sick transformation:
You are now
Dreaded goats

Oh Wailing Wall
How ancient your cries,
How stubborn you are
If I had the strength
I would demolish you.

I can't explain why.

Oh Golden Dome of the Rock
How brightly you reflect
the rays of the sun
And the love of the Son?
What of that?
Why must the metal detector shine
just as bright?

Oh Busy Markets of Jerusalem
I walk through a rainbow, that is you,
Ancient and modern,brilliantly man-made
Yet I must ask
the Man at the Temple
Were you not overturned?

- Emi Oda