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India – Spring 2007

Journal 11

The road to Mussoorie was an adventure in itself. It was an hour bus ride twisting up the mountain on a narrow road with no guardrail. Joe and I were sitting in the front of the bus with the driver so we had a clear view every time the bus tires went within inches of the edge. Our driver was very good, however, and we safely made it to our rooms at the Hanifl Center.

During our time in Mussoorie we visited Woodstock, the international school that Kim attended as a girl. We toured classes, spoke with the teachers, and ate lunch with the students. From there we also had a spectacular view of the eternal snows of the Himalayas. We spent much of the time hiking and walking throughout the town and bazaar. We also had the opportunity to visit the Tibetan community of Happy Valley. It was settled by refugees from the Chinese invasion and was the first place the Dalai Lama visited when he came to India.

While we were in Mussoorie I was also able to experience the Hindu festival of Holi. To celebrate the ending of winter and beginning of spring, people throw colored paint all over each other. I walked into town in some old clothes to take photos. Everyone was having a great time and was more than excited to throw paint all over a foreigner.

- Tyler Grove