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Greece & Turkey

Cross-cultural seminar: Summer 2005

Program Description

Both a sailing and land-based cultural exploration of the Mediterranean area of the Aegean Sea, the setting of much of the Book of Acts and the cradle of Western civilization. Through experience, class sessions, and field research, students will learn about the contemporary cultural, religious and social dynamics of both Turkey and Greece, referenced to Greek culture and religion, the impact of the Christian movement in the region described in the Book of Acts, and subsequent key religious and cultural movements such as the East/West schism in Christianity, Islamization, and the Crusades.

The beginning and ending point will be Athens, Greece with the interim points developed in relation to weather and other factors. The itinerary will be both by land and sea. The group would move together around the rim of the Aegean on both land (public transportation) and sea (sailboat and public ferries), meeting for extended times at selected centers of influence and importance throughout the region such as Athens, Istanbul, Corinth and Ephesus as well as several key Greek islands.

Up to four students at a time would live aboard the sailboat for up to one week experiencing the ancient and modern world of the Mediterranean seafaring culture, while the remaining students would be ashore doing directed field research. By rotating on and off board, each student would spend about 1/3 of the time aboard the sailboat, and 2/3 of the time on land.

*Estimated Cost: $3,420

Semester Leaders: Linford & Janet Stutzman

Dates: May 8 - 30, 2005

Enrollment: 12 students

Course Credits: 3 semester hours


*Due to fluctuating airfare and exchange rates, EMU reserves the right to adjust the cost of the seminar up to the date of the trip deposit.