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Vienna 3

This afternoon we took a walking tour through Vienna in the middle ages. One thing we got to see was where the biggest collection of graphic art was. Thomas (our ever present tour guide) told us how a husband of one of the Habsburgs collected art over years and now it is the biggest collection in the world. There are about 60,000 drawings he told us. We also got to stand on a memorial. Back during World War II, Allied bombs destroyed a building that was used as a bunker at the time and about 500-600 people died. And where we stood was right where it had happened. There are some monuments placed there that were made by a man from the Czech Republic. I like how Thomas told us that the purpose of this monument/memorial is not to point fingers but to remember what happened and with that pray and hope nothing like this will repeat itself. The past is very important, it is what shapes the future. We can't forget about what has happened and we must remember so we can change the way we live our lives.

-Molly Harrington

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