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Last weekend we went to the capital city of the Czech Republic, “Magical Prague.” Our group discovered the magic on our first city walk with our human encyclopedia, tour guide and friend, Thomas. He challenged us to “eat with our eyes” the amazing architecture. We did, and it was incredible!

The Old Town Square held many wonders, one of which was most interesting to me. It was the Astronomical Clock, the Orloj, which chimes ‘like clockwork’ every hour. A crowd gathers minutes before the spectacle beings, and with excited anticipation they wait, counting down the final seconds. Suddenly, as if a magical spell awakens the old clock from deep slumber, the chimes begin and intriguing little figurines dance slowly past the opening windows of the clock panel.

After the days' activities, our group prepared to go see Don Giovanni, Mozart’s ‘Opera of Operas.’ With only an hour to get “fixed up,” I must say that we all looked no less than shockingly beautiful and dashingly handsome! The Opera House, Estates Theatre, is found in the old Fruit Market area and was our destination for the evening. The city was lit with the romantic ambiance of the soft glow of street lamps. We seemed to float into the magical old Opera House and were taken aback by the absolutely breathtaking hall gilded in gold trim with powder blue walls. The costuming and sets were colorful and exciting, and the soaring sopranos and powerful basses echoed crisp and clear throughout the hall.

On the second day, our journey led us to Charles Bridge, situated over the Vltava River. It is the connection between the Old Town and the Lesser Town of Prague. The view of Prague Castle from the bridge was amazing. Touristy souvenir stands were strategically placed the entire length of the bridge. While in lesser town we visited St. Nicholas’ Church, with an original 1,500 sq. ft. fresco, and the Prague Castle that included the majestic St. Vitus’ Cathedral. Our tour ended with the famous Golden Lane.

Altogether, our time in Prague was no less than magical. The city is truly a wonder and no painting, photograph, or story can capture it completely. To experience the magic, I am sure the architectural gems, long-winded tour guides, and even the many street musicians will be awaiting your visit… for hundreds of years to come.

-Molly Hurst

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