Customized Presentations and Workshops

STAR presentations (1-2 hours) and STAR workshops (1-2 days) are available upon request and are customized to meet the needs of the group. STAR frameworks and core concepts are introduced in interactive ways with immediate practical applications.

Some examples of our presentations and workshops include:

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Examples of what STAR has done

  • Washington, D.C.: Panel on “Trauma Resilience as a Keystone to Building Rule of Law in Conflict-Affected Societies” at the United States Institute for Peace’s Rule of Law Center (May 2012)
  • Baja California, Mexico: presentation on "Restorative Justice and the Humanization of Criminal Law” at the one-day National Conference of Criminal Mediation Practices (May 2012)
  • Tunis, Tunisia: Panel and one-day workshop at Transitional Justice Process through the Voices of the Victims Conference (March 2012)
  • James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va.: Presentation on “Trauma-Informed Humanitarian Aid” (March 2012)

What difference has STAR made? Four studies provide support on this question.

DC Training Day

DC Training Day, November 16th
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