Technical assistance for the webinars

The restorative justice webinar series will make use of the software, WebEx Event Center. The following tips are intended to help you prepare your computer for the webinar, saving time and potential technical difficulties.

Note: Please give yourself at least 15 to 20 minutes before the webinar to install and test the software. Also, please review the Known technical issues section below.

Before the webinar

First-time participants: Set up and test the WebEx software on your computer/web browser
(Note: Mobile devices – iPhones, iPads, etc. – are currently not supported.)

Joining & participating in the webinar

  • Your webinar invitation will arrive in your email inbox, containing a web link and other information. Clicking the event link will launch a web browser window that will in turn load the webinar software application.
  • Click the event link 5 minutes before the schedule start time (Eastern/US time zone).
  • When the WebEx application appears, you will be asked if you want to participate in an “Integrated Voice Conference.” You must click “Yes” – this will enable you to hear the webinar audio. Example:

Interaction for participants during the webinar is limited to text chat, available in the lower right-hand corner of the WebEx window. If you have questions, please enter them there. A discussion facilitator will be monitoring the text chat to bring relevant questions to the host and panelists.

Known technical issues

  • No known issues at this time.