Health Insurance 2014-15

EMU offers a health insurance plan through Gallagher Student Health. Health insurance is an EMU requirement for full-time undergraduate, full-time CJP, full-time seminary, and all international students. The Gallagher Student Health insurance plan is only available to those student groups.

Eligible students will be billed for the health insurance charge unless a waiver is completed. Students who have active and comparable coverage have the option of waiving this insurance. The mandatory insurance waiver form allows the plan to be offered at a lower premium cost than would be possible without this requirement. Information about the plan is available through Gallagher Student Health’s website, , or calling their toll-free number at 1-877-220-6366.

2014-15 Health Insurance Charges


  • Undergraduate Student: $1,348
    • Spouse: $1,398
    • Children: $2,675
  • Graduate Students: $1,594
    • Spouse: $1,644
    • Children: $3,167