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Marlin Rosado

Marlin Rosado

EMU grad year: 2000

major: music education

current job/title: Spanish teacher at Thomas Harrison Middle School, leader of the Shen-Valley Jazz Quartet, Harrisonburg, Va.

I thank God for helping me develop as a musician and composer at EMU. University Chorale, a course on conducting, and composing music for the EMU community orchestra have contributed highly to my success.quote

I wanted to go to a university that is Christ-centered and a friend in Puerto Rico recommended EMU. While visiting him, I had a conversation with the manager of a Christian book store and when I mentioned EMU, her eyes got wide — she was a former EMU professor, related to the Brunk family! I thought, can this really be a coincidence? I felt I was led to EMU, and I am grateful to God for helping me develop as a musician and composer. The highlights of my education were Ken Nafziger's conducting course, singing in University Chorale with Anne Gross, physics of music with John Horst, and composing music for the EMU Comunity Orchestra. These experiences contributed highly to successes I've had in my professional life.