Why Employers Hire EMU Grads

Employers seek EMU grads in fields like, healthcare, finance and education because they are prepared, committed and have top-notch critical thinking and communication skills.

Sentara RMH Healthcare

“Sentara RMH [Rockingham Memorial Hospital] seeks employees who embrace our vision to provide ‘exceptional quality and compassionate care for every person, every family, every day.’ I hire EMU graduates because they consistently are prepared for and bring commitment to that vision.”

-Diane Ray, employment specialist at Sentara RMH Healthcare, a community hospital with dozens of wellness and outreach programs in seven Shenandoah Valley counties.

SLN Financial

SLN Financial bills itself as “the premier provider of breaking news, financial data and expert analysis on business sectors critical to the global economy.” SNL president and CEO Mike Chinn commented that if the entire workforce were as productive as the EMU graduates, the company would be 10 times more productive. Read more about EMU alumni and SLN Financial.

Harrisonburg City Public Schools Harrisonburg City Public Schools

Approximately 112 administrators and faculty in Harrisonburg City Public Schools (HCPS) hold degrees from EMU. With a curriculum that embraces diversity and builds cross-cultural competency, EMU’s teacher-graduates are especially well-prepared for classrooms that are global microcosms. HCPS has one of the highest populations of Limited English Proficient students in the state; according to district records, students come from 36 countries and speak 42 different languages. Read more about alumni and Harrisonburg City Public Schools.

Madison County Public Schools

We have hired a few teachers from EMU and the quality of the teachers are excellent.


We find that EMU students, particularly in the computer science department, are trained in many of the same skills and languages that we require of our software engineers and architects.

Innisfree Village

Students from EMU have a good service orientation which goes with our mission.

Preparation for Graduate School

Radford University

We have seen many EMU graduates come through our graduate programs and show a tremendous amount of success over the years. They have been able to easily adjust to life at Radford and respond really well to their new campus environment as well as having the skills and expertise to succeed in our many programs.

James Madison University

Your programs prepare students to be successful in graduate school.