Why Regional Employers Hire EMU Grads

We polled several well-known employers from the Shenandoah Valley and asked why they hire EMU graduates year after year.

Dynamic Aviation

Dynamic Aviation of Bridgewater Virginia
Dynamic Aviation of Bridgewater Virginia“We recruit and hire EMU graduates because their work ethic, integrity, values and attitude consistently align with our company values and objectives. Dynamic Aviation has many EMU alumni spread throughout the organization in human resources, sales and marketing, logistics, and manufacturing positions. In the past five years we have also had a number of interns from EMU that consistently exhibit the same individual and team strengths as our full-time EMU alumni employees.”

-Joel Shank, human resources professional at Dynamic Aviation, an innovative aviation firm based in Bridgewater, Va.

Generations Crossing

EMU students are dependable and engage in our center environment with well thought-out contributions. Grads are always interested in combining classroom instruction with ‘real-world’ practices, and they demonstrate a genuine interest in the welfare of others. I’ve even hired two EMU practicum students because of the qualities they have displayed during their time with us. I’m always so impressed with their level of professionalism and judgment.”

-Laurie Deavers, executive director of Generations Crossing, an intergenerational day care program serving Harrisonburg and Rockingham County adults and children.

RMH Healthcare

RMH Healthcare logo “RMH [Rockingham Memorial Hospital] seeks employees who embrace our vision to provide ‘exceptional quality and compassionate care for every person, every family, every day.’ I hire EMU graduates because they consistently are prepared for and bring commitment to that vision.”

-Diane Ray, employment specialist at RMH Healthcare, a community hospital with dozens of wellness and outreach programs in seven Shenandoah Valley counties.

Employers quoted on this page were polled during fall 2012.