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EMU graduate Aubrey Bauman Kreider

EMU grad Aubrey Bauman Kreider is now the marketing manager and sustainability lead for AMERIgreen, Lancaster, Pa.

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Your EMU degree communicates strong ethics and values and a desire to do meaningful work. Employers say they hire EMU grads because of their respect for others, academic preparedness, and top-notch communication and critical thinking skills.

Get Ready for the Rest of Your Life!

EMU graduates are favored by grad schools, sought after by employers and prepared with skills for a lifetime. A number of factors make the difference.

What kind of doctor, scientist, lawyer, or teacher will you be?

Envision Success after School

About 90% of EMU grads surveyed find work or pursue further education in their field within a year of graduation.

  • Over the past 14 years, more than 80% of EMU students who completed EMU’s pre-medical program were accepted into medical school.
  • Acceptance rate for all health sciences – veterinary school, dental, etc. – is over 90%.
  • Nearly 100% of teacher education grads are employed as teachers within six months of graduation.
  • The majority of EMU nursing grads pass their state boards (NCLEX-RN) on the first try.

Grads are also highly sought-after by potential employers

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