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Welcome Viterbo University Students

Learn more of what you need to know as a Viterbo student interested in the Washington Community Scholars' Center. 

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"WCSC does a good job of introducing students to an urban setting but then letting them explore it on their own (if they choose to do so). There was not too much hand-holding, which is appreciated. Instruction for classes was well done."

~Noah Yoder, Spring 2020, EMU '20 in Social Work

"I was always able to go to the staff with any kind of issue and always felt supported and heard"

~Alyssa Gore, Fall 2019, EMU '20 in Business Administration and Accounting

"here were so many things about my internship that made it one of the best experiences of my life. I met so many people through the high school that took the time to care about me and build relationships with me."

~Clover Cooper, Spring 2020, EMU major in Recreation and Sports Management


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