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Quotes from WCSC Participants

Lori ArmstrongLori Armstrong

Fall 2018

"Getting to have so many moments of reflection and moments of self-reflection have made this semester unlike any other. I feel like with my internship, group life, and most definitely SLUS, I have learned more about myself and who I am. The overall picture is still a mystery, but thanks to this program, I feel like I have been able to find more of the puzzle pieces."

Riley WespRiley Wesp

Summer 2018

"I’ve learned enough from my job that they have me going onsite to clients to work on their computers and software needs. [...] I have really gotten along with my co-workers and have started to really learn from them and understand what it takes to be an IT guy. With this I have been really enjoying my internship and could see myself working for Tech Impact for right now." 

Austin HartAustin Hart

Summer 2018

"With my market analysis project, I am benefiting not only my own company to look into opportunities to help out their clients, but I am also finding opportunities for the entrepreneurs because they will be able to use the funding to grow their small business. To me, the kind of work I am doing is very important for me to grow my skills in the real world, which will help me make the world a better place because I will be able to have the skills I need to make that happen."

Nancy Wharton Nancy Wharton

Spring 2015

“I’ve always been hesitant towards visiting big cities and moving to one did not seem like something I would enjoy. My time in DC taught me that getting lost can sometimes give you clearer direction than you’ve ever had before. Through my experiences in the WCSC program, I’ve learned that it’s okay to be unsure about life and that if you push outside of your comfort zone you can be pleasantly surprised. Leaving Washington DC, a place I used to view with negativity, is going to be really sad. Although I’ll miss the adventures, I appreciate the confidence and love of life that the city has given me.”

Everett Brubaker Everett Brubaker

Spring 2014

“The Washington Community Scholars Center is one of EMU’s strongest programs for undergraduates. Attending the program for a semester helped me grow not only professionally, through an incredible internship, but personally, socially, and spiritually as well. Living, working, and learning in D.C. brought challenges and adventures every week. Afternoon classes exploring the city, led by program director Kim Schmidt, helped me understand the history and current realities of urban life in D.C. A morning class with Kelsey Anderson fostered discussion among housemates related to work, house life, and city living. Exploring downtown during weekends brought me face to face with incredible diversity, stark homelessness, and incredible museums. I am so grateful for the semester I spent in D.C., certainly one of the best decisions of my undergraduate career.”

Aaron Erb Aaron Erb

Summer 2013

“At WCSC, I most appreciated the program’s ability to construct a school term that balanced work experience with the opportunity to explore a new city. My internship at ActionAid USA enabled me to feel the pace of policy work in D.C. and get a preliminary understanding of my potential future work. At the same time, the structure of WCSC allowed my housemates and me to engage the life of the city together and experience group living with all of its joys and frustrations. Although my internship experience gave me more confidence in my future job opportunities, the city experience and the relationships fostered in my house were the most valuable aspects of the program.”

Meredith Caitlin Henson Caitlin Henson

Fall 2012 & Spring 2013

WCSC was a wonderful and transformative experience for me. As a Peacebuilding and Development major, the combination of study and practice was amazing. I worked with a school as they transitioned their discipline procedures to reflect restorative practices. It was challenging and at times even painful. But the learning, growth, and relationships that were born out of my time in DC were truly incredible. I was able to connect with my students and colleagues in powerful ways. I recently read an article that asked the question, “How are you willing to struggle? …Because that answer will actually get you somewhere. It’s the question that can change your life. It’s what makes me me and you you. It’s what defines us and separates us and ultimately brings us together.” This is the sentiment I am taking with me from my semester at WCSC. I learned that the struggle of new learning allowed me to learn more about myself, about others and about the world we live in.”

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